Does Scotland Not Have Bugs?

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

An interesting thing about living in Scotland is the complete lack of screens in the windows. Even on the fourth and fifth floors of the buildings the windows open out into the open air. As a native of the land of the mosquitoes, I cannot help but wonder do they not have bugs? Even when closed the windows feel as if made of paper they keep so little sound out. And yet, the scariest of all of is that we are warned not to leave our windows open when we are not in our rooms because the squirrels will come in and eat your food. Surprisingly enough, the idea of coming back to find squirrels in my room is not near as scary as the idea of all of my food being gone! The work of cooking for oneself without benefit of fridge space or freezer has been a most worthy adversary!


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