It’s not Scotland Unless There is Mud

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the true spirit of an American Tourist I spent my first full weekend in Scotland exploring the historic elements of Stirling. Our first stop was the Stirling Castle located on a hill overlooking the town. The castle is absolutely beautiful but also large. When we arrived the sky looked very overcast and gloomy and only got worse from there. Owing to the fact that gust of snowy cold air swirled about the hill we did not stay to look over all aspects of the castle. Yet, what we did see was extremely interesting and definitely not something one could find in the US. I would encourage everyone, if given the chance, to visit it. However, plan for the castle to consume your whole day. The cemeteries surrounding the castle are intriguing enough for a solid few hours all by themselves.

On Sunday a friend and I decided to join the campus Nature Society on a hike/walk from Stirling Campus to Dun Blane about a 5 mile walk. The path followed an old road called The Darn Road thought to have been used by Romans when the country was just beginning.

The walk was quite long but also very enjoyable. But, as I am beginning to learn, Scotland is full of mud. I’m glad that I decided to bring a good pair of tennis shoes with high soles as a large amount of the mud was kept at bay. Luckily a large amount of the path was still frozen (I’ve never been so happy to see frozen mud!).

The views were phenomenal though! It was a great way to see the Scottish countryside. The trees and fields are so beautiful. We rested a bit by the edge of a stream while the sun was shining. After the walk we rode the train back to Stirling. It was the first time I’d ever been on a train and was an experience attempting to gain tickets from the terminals electronic ticket machine. All in all the weekend was well spent literally traipsing the Scottish countryside!


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