Celebrating the Big 21

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of the things I get to experience in Scotland is my 21st birthday. Rather than celebrate in a normal American fashion (ie not remembering the experience), I decided to combine multiple aspects of both cultures. In tradition American celebration we went to Fubar (a youth club) on the night before and celebrated when the clock turned midnight. The club had a Willy Wonka theme that night. They had chocolate paint (sadly not edible) and confetti cannons. It was great not having the pressure of turning 21 as Scotland does not have the same connotations for the birthday. It was a great experience but the best part of my birthday came the next day.

To celebrate the day of my birth a group of friends and I booked a bus tour to Loch Ness. My family has a great love of Nessie stories. There is a television series on Discovery Channel which centers around the search for the Loch Ness monster (known as Nessie). Along with Looking for Sasquach (another golden gem of the Discovery Channel) my family and I love joking about the search for Nessie. In honor of this family tradition, I was very excited for Loch Ness. Image

The best part had to be finding (at least in a roundabout way) Nessie. I was very excited and took multiple pictures to send home. I also found some small glass Nessies to bring home with me (they are adorable). The tour guide was wonderful and extremely informative. He loved his job and you could tell.


When the weekend was sadly over, Monday turned out to be just as surprising and great as the weekend had been. My parents sent me a surprise birthday package! Of all the things I was thankful for it was most definitely the jar of peanut butter. Other aspects of the package included cheesy American magazines, oreos, ramen noodles, and many other great things. I was so pumped I spread it all out for a picture. The package also had messages written on it including “smelly cat smelly cat Monty says hi!”



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